Each LOOTHIER wheelchair is created from a certified and a quailty handcrafted method, wich guarantees a completely original product. The evaluation, design and manufacture by hand are carried out by the same person. This is the only way to create a process where dialogue and customer needs are always at the forefront. That is, the piece is yours even before is born.

The first contact to get to know us is simple: just an email is enough, from there we specify how to proceed to delineate together the style, needs and purposes of the chair you want to create. Next, we take the necessary measures to make a chair specifically designed to adapt to your body. In the next phase, we take care of product design. Once we have the final approval, we proceed with one of the most exciting and delicate parts: creating the structure in maximum detail, a 100% handcrafted phase. The finishing will give the final touch to your unique work: the paint, the satin, the application of special motifs and the logos will be the dress for the soul of your chair. Then we assemble the components you have chosen: wheels, shock absorbers, backrests, ... and it will be ready to run. And best of all: the thrill of the first Loothier one-piece test is as much yours as ours.